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EAC Letter to Mayor Bogaard

In April 2008 the Pasadena Environmental Advisory Commission sent a letter to Mayor Bogaard requesting that Pasadena review the plan for expanded athletic fields at Hahamongna and laying out the case that such an action would be inconsistent with Pasadena's Green Goals.


Hahamongna Watershed Park Advisory Committee
Letter to Pasadena Mayor Bogaard

March 23, 2010

Dear Mayor Bogaard and Council Members,

The Hahamongna Watershed Advisory Committee respectfully asks the City Council’s guidance on whether to reevaluate the approach of the 2003 Hahamongna Watershed Park Master Plan with regard to creating more playing fields in a City open space.

The Hahamongna Master Plan, adopted in 2003 amid sharply differing opinions, provides for two additional multipurpose playfields in the central part of Hahamongna Watershed, but since then there have been significant changes in conditions and attitudes that merit a second look at this important decision before the City makes a major investment there.

The proposed Sycamore Grove Field, now being planned by city staff, would be constructed in the stream-zone area between the current Oak Grove Field on the west side and the former Johnson Field on the east side of the Hahamongna basin. Although the proposed field would be built on compacted fill to raise it from 1040 feet elevation to 1050 feet, it would nevertheless be subjected to occasional flooding since it would still be within the inundation area of the Devil's Gate Basin. This area has previously been degraded by mining activities, but it is characterized by environmentally precious riparian and alluvial scrub habitat and is part of what makes Hahamongna Watershed Park unique in our region.

We strongly support the development of more athletic fields for the young people and residents of Pasadena. Since 2003, the city has added more multipurpose field capacity with the recently dedicated splendidly upgraded artificial field at Robinson Park. A similar project is funded at Villa Parke. School playgrounds are now being widely utilized after school hours for recreational purposes. These additions underscore the need to reevaluate the addition of more athletic fields and another parking lot in such an environmentally sensitive area as Hahamongna.

Since 2003, Pasadena has also embraced “green” goals in many fields and established itself as a leader in environmental excellence.

All of this reflects a growing appreciation in our city of the natural environment and the value of water resources and open space in an urban area. Our young people need additional opportunities to recreate, but they also need to develop a greater awareness and respect for our natural environment. We believe that it would be appropriate to solicit the views of interested parties and the public about the nature of Hahamongna. A public review of this plan would be a healthy process. We hope you will agree.

Thank you for your consideration and guidance.


Timothy P. Wendler
Chair, Hahamongna Watershed Park Advisory Committee