The Arroyo Seco Foundation and Pasadena Audubon Society have long understood the need for an ongoing sediment management program for Devil's Gate Dam in Hahamongna Watershed Park, but we felt strongly that the program needed to be done carefully with due consideration of the negative impacts of the program on our neighborhoods and on wildlife and the rare natural values of Hahamongna and the Arroyo Seco.

Now during the holidays the bulldozers have invaded Hahamongna Watershed Park and destroyed over than fifty acres of prime habitat. In the Spring the County Flood Control District will send a massive fleet of diesel trucks into the basin to remove 425 truckloads of sediment and habitat. Imagine the impact on traffic, noise, dust and air quality for all those who live or go to school nearby!

Our goal has always been to make sure that the negative impacts of this massive $100 million project (habitat destruction, air pollution, traffic, neighborhood impacts, etc.) are minizimed before the project moves ahead.

Our attorneys have appealed the initial approval and filed a second lawsuit challenging other environmental impacts of the project. We intend to ensure that the Flood Control District reduces the size and devastation of their Big Dig.

These legal challenges are expensive, so we urgently need your political and financial support. Please give generously to Save Hahamongna.

Protect Our Neighborhoods and Hahamongna

Hahamongna is the most special environmental treasure in our region. We can't let LA County Flood Control District destroy it and degrade our neighborhoods. The Arroyo Seco Foundation and the Pasadena Audubon Society have filed a lawsuit to protect Hahamongna and our neighborhoods. Our goal is to secure a more moderate and sustainable plan that will reduce impacts on Hahamongna Watershed Park and on our neighborhoods.

The fate of Hahamongna and our neighborhoods depends on your generosity. Your contribution will go directly to the campaign to Save Hahamongna.

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